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Pre-publication praise for ‘Reconquista

  • Excellent. A real page turner.’
  • Reconquista is brilliant. It vividly brings the past to life. ‘
  • The story rattles along and I often didn’t know and couldn’t guess what is coming nextI read it at one sitting.’

Reconquista‘ reaches Number Five on Amazon ( YA Historical )*

Reconquista‘ long-listed for Mslexia Children’s Novel 2016*


This book will have you gripped. I became immersed in the turbulent world of thirteenth century southern Spain; the politics, the landscape, the intrigue, from the perspective of a small group of close friends. Each of their personal journeys resonates strongly with current day choices about family, ambition, independence, friendship and loyalty. This book is a real treat. ’ Amazon review.

‘This is such an exciting story. The first chapter had me hooked and I just kept on reading. Turbulent times in thirteenth century Spain makes the perfect backdrop for adventures and these young people find their lives taking surprising and dangerous turns, never sure when or if they will see each other again.  I love this book and hope J J Anderson will not keep me waiting too long for the sequel.’  Amazon Review

‘‘Reconquista is a classic adventure story – a dramatic account of the lives of Nathan, Atta, Rebecca and Ben who we find coming of age in the city of Jerez during the autumn and winter of 1264-1265.The youngsters, already trying to find their feet in the adult world, are plunged into new dangers, alarms and confusions as strange and brutal northern soldiers occupy their city. Family ties and the traditions on which they have all hitherto relied are tested, strained and sometimes broken.  Our heroes (for such they are) all have to learn quickly and think fast in a rapidly changing and potentially deadly new world. Each character is confronted by different dilemmas concerned with courage, ambition, loyalty or obedience. To meet their various challenges, they must fend for themselves and embark upon journeys which take them into unfamiliar places and situations. They are travelling away from the safety of childhood both emotionally and geographically.

‘J.J. Anderson weaves their different adventures with great skill and plenty of ‘cliff-hangers’ which make us want to plunge immediately into the next chapter. Historical research and a knowledge of  Andalucía inform the stories at every turn but this is no dry history lesson. For readers young and old, the violence, arbitrary cruelty and unpredictable dangers arising from the clash of religions and cultures in medieval Spain will have a shocking contemporary resonance.’ Amazon review.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s exciting, with something for everyone, if you like good, well-drawn characters in perilous situations. I was often surprised and didn’t know how things would turn out. Everyone will have their favourite characters, mine is Rebecca, but I like others too, like Atta and Senor Thomas. My big disappointment is that I don’t know what she will choose at the end of the book. I will have to read the next one to find out. But then I also want to know what happens to Nathan and the others. I hope it’s out soon.‘  Becky, Amazon review.


*April 2016

*October 2016