race-941732_1280First is best, second is good ( but second best ), third is not so bad. And taking part is what it’s really all about. Seeing how good you can be at something is what’s important.

One way of measuring how good you are is by comparing your performance with someone else’s. So, today we celebrate ‘Reconquista‘ hitting fifth position in Amazon’s best selling charts for Young Adults in the Historical Fiction, Medieval category. That’s fifth out of nearly eight hundred books. It is also up to thirty-first position in the Young Adult, Historical Fiction category. That’s thirty-first out of nearly nine sport-938792_1280thousand books. Fifth and thirty-first don’t sound that wonderful, but it’s a good start.

Reconquista‘ was only published last week, whereas other books have had time to gather more sales. Though it’s usual at launch time that a book sells quickly, this is the time when people who know about it want to buy it.  The author’s friends and family, neighbours and casual acquaintances. Later, unless the word about how good it is spreads, the numbers fall. This is always a problem for books from small publishing imprints like The Story Bazaar, which don’t have the funds to buy entry into book read-book-club-med-753891_1280shops front windows, or ‘Best Books’ tables, how do you get the book out there in front of people, your potential readers.

One of the ways in which to spread the word is by book reviews and there aren’t any reviews of ‘Reconquista‘ yet. If you have purchased a copy of ‘Reconquista‘ and have already read and enjoyed it, please write a review on Amazon ( both at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk if you can, please) and on Goodreads, telling other potential readers about it.

Another way is to recommend it to friends. ‘Word of mouth’ is certainly what makesread-book-795943_1280 a book sought after – people tell each other what they are reading and enjoying and other people want to read it too. If you enjoyed reading ‘Reconquista‘, please tell all your friends, school friends and colleagues. tell them about this web-site too.

Share your views on-line, on the various sites, like Goodreads, Richard and Judy, the book club forum or the more locally based on-line groups. If you belong to a Book Club why not propose that you all read it. If you are in a book club and live in south London, come along and discuss it at the Clapham Literary Festival, on Readers Afternoon, on 6th May at 2 o’clock in Omnibus, 1, Clapham Common North Side. If you would like to do so, please contact Omnibus at www.omnibus-clapham.org or 0207 498 4699 or contact the author.

bookopenAsk for the book at your local library. Suggest that your class at school reads it ( though check this out with your teacher first ). Nominate the book for Book of the Month at Waterstones or W H Smiths. There are lots of ways in which readers can help a book to become more widely known. If you enjoyed reading this book, start helping others to find out about it so that they can enjoy it too.